Popular Attractions in Philadelphia – Things You Don’t Want to Miss
July 19, 2017

Free Things to Do in Philadelphia

What’s great about Philadelphia is that it offers you several free of charge attractions – you don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to buy anything, and just visiting some places can be amazing.

Being a local, you might certainly know about these, but a tourist surely needs a guide about how to find the free attractions. There are great family attractions, or you could consider the sights to see in a budget-friendly vacation.

The Liberty Bell Center
Visiting this place offers you a great opportunity to discover historic documents and images, while also exploring the myths and the facts that surround the most famous bell of the nation. You’ll see a 2,080-pound copper bell along with the Independence Hall, and it will cost you nothing to check out the entire area.

The Independence Hall and the Congress Hall
You don’t have to be passionate about history to visit these places, as they’re interesting for everyone who ever heard of the Declaration of Independence. Here is the birthplace of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and it remains free for the public to visit the Halls.

The Spruce Street Harbor Park
This place is facing Delaware River and it’s absolutely amazing, totally free of charge. It’s the ultimate hangout spot, with hammock lounges and plenty of food to choose from. However, you’ll have to pay for that, as there are plenty of vendors that are available and several beer gardens around.

The Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest
The place is free of charge to enter, but you’ll have to pay a small price tag for different activities that are available there. You’ll be able to simply hang out and enjoy the place, use the roller skating area, the play area for the children or enjoy the food and the drinks that you can find here.

Once Upon a Nation Storytelling Benches
The Historic District has 13 Once Upon Nation Storytelling Benches where you’ll find professional storytellers that offer free tales of 5 minutes. It’s not just for children, but it’s also for adults who can discover tales and secret stories, fascinating details and other historical facts that actually happened.

The Schuylkill River Banks and Boardwalk
If you want to check out something breathtaking, the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk is the place to visit. You’ll discover a 2,000-foot long pathway that actually extends the river trail. The scenic path is great for everyone and a must-see attraction while you’re in Philadelphia.

The President’s House
This is the first “White House” that ever was – the President’s House: Freedom and Slavery in the Making of a New Nation. It’s a free exhibit, and you’ll find it right next to the Liberty Bell Center. You can’t visit one and miss the other.

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