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July 19, 2017

5 of the Most Popular Types of Lawyers

If you have ever tried to look for a lawyer, you probably found out that there are more types of layers than you knew. Unknowingly to many, the legal field is quite a complex one meaning that you will need a specific lawyer to handle your case. For instance, your criminal defense lawyer may not be the guy you turn to when a divorce looms. 

For your heads up, here are 5 popular types of attorneys:

Family Lawyer

Your guess is right. A family attorney handles cases circulating around family issues. He/she will handle anything from a nasty divorce to custody arrangements. While some of this cadre of lawyers specializes in divorce, most of the other lot covers anything and everything to do with family law. You may need to ask before you decide to hire one. 

Immigration Lawyer

For your immigration issues, this is the guy you can turn to. Their expertise ranges from defending immigrants to granting of residence to foreigners, to visa application as well as importing labor force. This field involves filling of lots of forms and you definitely need their help when you have any issues touching on immigration. You do not have to be on the wrong side of the law to hire an immigration lawyer; their knowledge is always useful for anyone relocating to another country or state. 

Criminal Defense Attorney

This is the type of a lawyer almost everyone knows about. To some people, he/she is the only lawyer they know. He is the kind of a lawyer who will defend you before the law for a crime you have committed. When the government is prosecuting criminals, a defense attorney will sweat it out defending you. Their aim is for you to walk free and if that is not possible they ensure you get a shorter sentence. 

Tax Lawyer

This type of lawyer helps businesses and individuals adhere to procedures and regulations when filing tax returns. They ensure that you do not get anything wrong when it comes to tax returns. On top of that, they defend those who are at loggerheads with the taxman. Just like their criminal defense colleagues, they will ensure that you are not indicted. If you are (indicted), they will make sure you get minimal fine or sentence. 

Personal Injury Attorney

These lawyers are increasingly becoming popular. If you have ever been involved in an accident then you must know this type of a lawyer. They are the attorneys specializing in personal accident and injury cases These accidents can be at work, a doctor’s misdiagnosis or in your car. They ensure that victims are appropriately compensated by those liable. You see adverts about them on TV, bus stops and almost everywhere. They are always looking for business from you and make sure you know how and where to find them in a time of need. 

Look now who is the wiser! You probably did not know that there are different types of lawyers and their job descriptions vary. Thanks to this post you can now claim to be a learned friend.


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